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As a student we know it can be difficult to grasp all of the concepts and theories we throw at you in class. For this reason we are slowly beginning to videotape some of our in class lectures so they can be used for our online students or for anyone that just needs a refresher. Below you will see a lecture of Prof. Sipp explaining color theory, I hope you will all check it out and become reacquainted with beginning design vocabulary and color terms. This is only the tip of the iceberg on color and encourage you to seek other sources that delve deeper into color!

Color Theory Part 1 –

Color Theory Part 2 –

Many people do not realize that there are many shades of white. We are taught white is white and has no color. Then we learn about color theory and are “shocked” to find out that white actually has many shades just like other colors. This week Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper posted her top 10 whites. I thought I would pass them along to you all. Wouldn’t it be an interesting experiment to paint a wall in stripes each a different shade of white. We could even get wild and crazy and paint them flat to gloss! 😉

Decorator White - Benjamin Moore (Via Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper)

Atrium White – Benjamin Moore (Via Mrs Howard Personal Shopper)



As we all know trends come and go and come and go again. Here are two sites that catalog past designs from the 70’s from top design magazines along with interesting commentary. I admit some of them will make your eyes go wide with the now retro qualities but I think some of stood the test of time. Check them out for yourselves.

Interior Desecration’s by James Lileks

Ugly Rooms for Beautiful People by James Lileks

While exploring Old House Dreams blog I came across one of her posts that talked about Castle Victorian. I did a little more digging and this is not just any house. It is a home that was built in 2002 on 60 acres and it was constructed from an 1885 Victorian home plan. The couple made very few changes to the original layout other than modernizing some of the rooms and adding a downstairs bathroom and breakfast area in the kitchen where there was none. They have even stayed true to the Victorian aesthetic in the interior of the home. I encourage everyone to take some time and explore this site as it is fascinating and the homes website includes lots of  information and pictures of the house from construction to completion.  It really is a chance to live in the present while keeping our feet in the modern world.



Castle Victorian picture via Hooked on Houses




Image of 1885 Home Plan, picture via Hooked on Houses



Check out the excellent blog Hooked on Houses as well!

It seems that I have a plethora of historical designed based posts lately but it is a very important topic when learning the interior design field. We all must learn and grow from the best to create a better and more beautiful future. I recently came across a blog called Antique Homes. This blog shares a very nice history of home designs from 1900 to Mid-century. They do a great job explaining each of these periods and then they have scanned in plans from all of the major home manufacturers from this time. It is a great time capsule that is open for everyone to see. I encourage everyone to view this site and learn more about the homes of the past that are popular again.

Antique Homes Blog



Radford 1903 - Queen Anne Style via Antique Homes


I will admit that I have a problem, I love visiting homes for sale just to see the inside of them. Real estate agents hate these types of people but for design buffs it lets us satisfy our curiosity. Well I came across a new blog this weekend that lets me partake in one my favorite activities while sitting at my computer, Old House Dreams. A blog completely dedicated to old homes for sale across the country! It is amazing to look at all of the interiors of the homes and how vastly different they are and how good or bad of shape they are in! People certainly make some interesting design decisions in their homes. I dare you to check it out and see how long it takes before you are completely sucked in and end up spending hours going through all of the listings. Have fun!