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Its time again for another episode of Genius of Design, this one called better living through chemistry. This episode is particularly interesting because it talks about products such as Tupperware and plastic which was cutting edge and is now so common place we often think of it as disposable.


Here is another episode of Genius of Design this one discussing objects of desire. Make sure you watch all parts and you will see Michael Graves discuss his 1985 Kettle.

Here is a great 4 part episode created by the BBC called the Genius of Design. It discusses how designers work and create the “designed world”. There are more episodes but this one in particular is from episode 2 and is called Designs for Living. Each video is 15 minutes long and I hope you will view all parts of it.

Here is another video lecture we created on color theory.

Here are two videos that illustrate the principle of balance used in interior design. I wanted to make all of these videos available so they can be accessed at any time.