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I have been meaning to post about the modern Isamu Noguchi designed playground in Atlanta for a while. Over spring break my husband and I visited Atlanta again and I finally made it to to view this wonderful play area. In our field Mr. Noguchi is better known for this furniture piece.

{Boomerang table via The Noguchi Museum}

It is important to note that Isamu Noguchi was actually a sculptor with a dedication to public works. I encourage you all to visit the Noguchi Museum website to learn more about him and view his works! This is actually the only playground designed by Noguchi that was ever built. I found this description of the playground via Bluffington University website:

“Noguchi designed sculptural play equipment for all of his playground designs, including this spiral slide. His playgrounds provide a place of exploration rather than one of regimented play, telling the child what to do.”


I am a huge fan of the movie UP and I was perusing Hooked on Houses again a while back and saw a post on a real life UP house built in Utah. The home is being featured in the Salt Lake Parade of Homes. I encourage all of you to check out all of the photos and details on Hooked on Houses!

The house from as seen in the movie.

{The house as built in Utah via Hooked on Houses}

The builders actually got permission from Disney to recreate the home and murals! I am really hoping to see images of the home with the furniture in it soon!

ooohh I love sharing new and unique products that create fresh updates for old or boring furniture. I encourage you all to check out O’verlays by Danika and Cherly, LLC. They offer a variety of overlay fretwork panels to update and add details to existing furniture. The best part is the panels are affordable! I encourage you all to check out their site to view all of their designs and image gallery.

{Images via O’verlays Website}

Totally unrelated to anything design but I am currently loving British singer Ellie Goulding. Just thought I would share the remake of Elton John’s classic Your Song.

I love to create section views in when I am using Google SketchUp as it can be very effective in highlighting the interior spaces. However traditionally you have not been able to darken in the walls (Poche) to delineate them. Well this months Google SketchUp newsletter illustrates a “quick and dirty” way to poche when creating section views. Please click here to view the tutorial on how to do this as I think you would all find this beneficial for your projects! I also highly recommend subscribing to the Google SketchUp email newsletter and subscribe to their blog as each has loads of tips each month!

{Image via Google SketchUp}

Click here to view 20 designs for awesomely creative book cases! Would love to see designs like these in your students projects. 🙂

{Images via Stumble Upon}


Recently I posted about the turf sofa by Ready Made. Now I have come across astro turf house numbers from Firmly Planted. Would you utilize these for a project? I’m thinking that I could and it would look great on a store front or an updated rancher.

{Image via Firmly Planted}

{Image via Fresh Home Blog}