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I have rounded up some great links from Inhabit that I thought you would all be interested in checking out. Click below to view each one.

Luminous Wall Coverings

Living MOSS tiles

Office completely created out of cardboard! I promise it is real. 🙂

See-Saw Table

Apartment that transforms!


Check out these really cool wall flats by Inhabit Living. These would add a lot of texture in a residential or commercial space.

{All Images via Inhabit Living}

Yesterday I shared the link to photos illustrating Kelly Wearstler’s Malibu mansion which were photographed by Jamie who keeps the blog From Me To You. Recently, while working in Abu Dhabi she visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and posted the stunning photos to her blog. I am calling all of my interior design students to view this as it is a wonderful example of Muslim Design and helps to illustrate design history. I hope you take the time to look at each picture and identify the various types of ornamentation. Click here to view all of her posted photos!

{All Images via From Me To You}

From Me To You is another blog that I follow and view frequently. Jamie is a professional photographer who documents her commissions on her blog called “From Me To You“. Her work is gorgeous and extremely varied, one week she is photographing legendary fashion designers in New York and the next she is photographing in Abu Dhabi (more to come on this topic). Recently, she had the chance to photograph designer Kelly Wearstler malibu mansion for a fashion shoot and she has posted the gorgeous photos on her site. This is Mrs. Wearstler’s personal home and if you follow Mrs. Wearstler’s work you will see that it is certainly reflective of her style. Whether you appreciate her aesthetic or not you have to admit she goes all in and his consistent in her designs. Check out all of the beautiful photographs here and be sure to check out Jamie’s other work here.

{All Images via From Me To You}

It seems Dwell Studio has been everywhere lately from their designs for target, children’s line and now their full furniture line. Click here to view all of their furniture, I am personally making a wish list of some of these pieces. You can also click here to view their blog called The Studio.

{All Images via Dwell Studio Site}

This is one of the best retrospectives I have found on an iconic designer before. Pam Keuber at Retro Renovation has put together a fabulous tribute celebrating Eva Zeisel. Ms. Zeisel was an iconic ceramic designer during the mid-century period and she continued working until her recent passing at 105 years old. If you do not know who Ms. Zeisel is then here is your chance to learn all about her and her contributions to the design world. Please click here to view this wonderful tribute!

{Image via Eva Zeisel}

This video is amazing of the 30-story hotel built in China by The Broad Group in 15 days or 360 hours. The hotel was built using prefabricated modules and can withstand a 9.0 earthquake. Watch the video below to learn more about the hotel and see the amazing time lapse sequence.