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This video is amazing of the 30-story hotel built in China by The Broad Group in 15 days or 360 hours. The hotel was built using prefabricated modules and can withstand a 9.0 earthquake. Watch the video below to learn more about the hotel and see the amazing time lapse sequence.

With the downshift of the economy the last few years we have seen a big change in the sizes of homes people are building and purchasing. Until recently, bigger was always better but many people are realizing this is not always the case and returning to a simpler lifestyle. With the return of smaller homes is the need for the house to serve many functions, thus the bungalow style home is reborn. Bungalow style homes first became popular in the early 1900’s and off and on again throughout this past century. While there are many styles of bungalows, typically the rooms are spacious and eliminate wasted space with multifunctional furniture that is sometimes built in or limiting hallways as much as possible. Also, because the homes are smaller they typically have more details such as transom windows, large porches, built in bookcases, wainscoting, etc.¬† There is a plethora of books available to learn about bungalow homes and the history behind them however, I wanted to share a blog called home patterns. This company is bringing back and building bungalow style homes to meet the needs of today’s market. Through their blog you can link to their website and view the floor plan styles they offer as well as a gallery of homes and neighborhoods. I hope you all check out this site and continue to research bungalows further. They will certainly help anyone improve their space planning skills!

{Image via Home Patterns Site}

This year at our spring convocation (welcome back) here at the college for all the professors and faculty we discussed the topic of social sustainability. This is always a topic the college is working on to improve as we are certainly large wasters of paper and trash products produced by the faculty and students. This year however we wanted to focus on what we could be doing ourselves to lower our overall impact on the environment. Welcome the No Impact Man project by Colin Beavan and his family. He and his family lived one year where they wanted to eliminate their impact on the environment meaning no cabs, elevators, disposable products such as take out food etc. They turned off their electricity and only ate locally grown food, did I mention that they live in New York City? Throughout the year they filmed a documentary and documented their experiences through a blog (he used a solar panel to power his computer). Certainly I am not asking you to turn off your TV’s and dump your cars but I think it would be good for all of us to assess our lives and see where we can help lessen our impact. To learn more about the No Impact Man project click here.

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Watch the video below t learn about the DBA 98 biodegradable pen. With as many pens as designers use we should consider looking into using these.

DBA 98 Biodegradable Pen from DBA on Vimeo.