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Do you have a smart phone? Well then you are in luck and can check out some of these awesome design apps that stylist home rounded up. I am especially interested in this one called Photo Measures. It allows you to snap or upload a photo and then dimension on top of the photo. This could be invaluable if you are out field measuring for a job or at least showing your boss so you won’t be given anymore chicken scratch plans that you have to decipher. 🙂 Another one that seems interesting is the Home Design Interior Space Planning Tool one called Mark on Call for the Ipad. It is exactly what it sounds like and is a mobile app that allows you to space plan on the go. Another great way to not forget your measurements. Click here to view the full list, twenty one in all on Stylist Home!

{Images via Photo Measures – Itunes}

{Images via Home Interior Design Space Planning – itunes}


What have I been up to? Oh just admiring this beauty from the company To Do Something. If you want to read a funny post about this companies offerings click here. In the meantime I will keep staring at this beautiful table!To see more of their line click here to view their site.

(Images via HommeMaker}

Oh Hooked on House’s has posted another lovely home that I had to share with you all especially for my history II students. This week she shared the beautiful Frederick C. Grable craftsman home in Pasadena, California. It has been renovated meticulously and now actually runs on solar power! Please click here to view this fantastic post and beautiful pictures. If you happen to be in my History II course now I encourage you to bookmark this post so you can reference it when we come to the craftsman period.

Check out the inglenook around the fireplace.

{All images via Hooked on Houses}

I must admit that I very much enjoy coloring and have been known to color a kids coloring book when given the chance. Well imagine my excitement when I came across this post from Apartment Therapy where they featured coloring books that aren’t just for kids. One that grabbed me in particular is the Bernal Heights Architectural Coloring Book. It was created by architect Mason Kirby from elevations from past projects in Bernal Heights. You can click here to download the coloring book for free! I think it is a great opportunity for any student designer to practice their rendering skills without having to create a drawing from scratch.

{Image via Bernal Heights}

I came across images of Stylist Aaron Hom and I wanted to share his work with you. You can see the original post here at Desire to Inspire or you can go directly to his website here. What grabbed me was all of the classic furniture pieces. I found myself looking at each picture and naming off the designer of each piece. So I challenge you to identify as many designers as possible. :-)Hint most of them come from the mid-century period.

{Images via Desire to Inspire}


I have rounded up some great links from Inhabit that I thought you would all be interested in checking out. Click below to view each one.

Luminous Wall Coverings

Living MOSS tiles

Office completely created out of cardboard! I promise it is real. 🙂

See-Saw Table

Apartment that transforms!

Yesterday I shared the link to photos illustrating Kelly Wearstler’s Malibu mansion which were photographed by Jamie who keeps the blog From Me To You. Recently, while working in Abu Dhabi she visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and posted the stunning photos to her blog. I am calling all of my interior design students to view this as it is a wonderful example of Muslim Design and helps to illustrate design history. I hope you take the time to look at each picture and identify the various types of ornamentation. Click here to view all of her posted photos!

{All Images via From Me To You}