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I recently discovered the Agave community in Austin, Texas. Which then led me to FAB Architecture, a husband and wife team that designs commercial and residential architecture and interiors. I found the work of Patrick Ousey, AIA and Pam Chandler to be very interesting and you can click here to view their site and learn more about them and their projects.

{Royce Image via FAB Architecture}

{Royce Interior Image via FAB Architecture Site}

{Hanna Exterior Image via FAB Architecture Site}

I saw this today and I knew I had to share it. Love how it visually illustrates the principles of color in such a fun way.


Interesting article called ‘Tertiary Hues‘ in the Stir website by Sherwin Williams. I think this is a great one for students to view regarding color theory.

I would love to meet the owners of this home, they seem like they would be a lot of fun!

{Source Unknown}

{Image via Hooked on Houses}

I am excited to announce that there are now interior photos posted of the “UP” house house created by Bangerter Homes. Click here to go to Hooked On Houses to view lots of interior photos, the floor plan and learn more about the home. Currently this home is on the market for $399,000 or you can have the same floor plan built without all of the movie features and colors for $299,000.  I think this was such a creative way to draw people in and advertise their company!

This amazing wall paper was designed by Payton Turner and is created out of thousands of stickers! I love the nod to traditional patterns but done in such a unique whimsical way. In addition to wallpaper created from stickers you can view her hand drawn papers here on her site. Also, click here to go to Little Green Notebook to see more pictures and her plan to redo her daughters bedroom with stickers.

{Images via Little Green Notebook}

More color inspiration to brighten your day. The color on those stairs would certainly make me a little happier as I climbed up all of them!

{Image via Street Art Utopia}

This Brownstone painted hot pink is just fun and fabulous.

{Image via SheRocs}

Way to have fun with your crayons! Check out this artwork available for sale here on Etsy.

Also, check out this Achromatic color palette!

{Images via JK Create on Etsy}

I am excited to share with you a blog I discovered called Design Seeds while perusing Pinterest.  As a designer it is so important to really understand colors and how they work or don’t work together. I love when I come across resources to share with you that exemplify journaling and how it can benefit designers. Design seeds was created to visually illustrate Jessica’s old journals digitally. As a kid I too used to keep design inspiration journals in notebooks and on my walls. I encourage you all to visit Design Seeds to view her inspiring color palettes and information. I think all of you will find the picture below familiar. It is almost the exact same journal assignment we give you in Principles of interior, where we ask you to create a color palette based from nature. I encourage you to keep creating these palettes as you can never go wrong using nature as inspiration.

{Images via Design Seeds Website}


I am a huge fan of the movie UP and I was perusing Hooked on Houses again a while back and saw a post on a real life UP house built in Utah. The home is being featured in the Salt Lake Parade of Homes. I encourage all of you to check out all of the photos and details on Hooked on Houses!

The house from as seen in the movie.

{The house as built in Utah via Hooked on Houses}

The builders actually got permission from Disney to recreate the home and murals! I am really hoping to see images of the home with the furniture in it soon!