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Rainy Day Check-In

Posted on: April 21, 2015

It has been a long day but we stopped by the house after work to check on today’s progress. They started reinstalling interior doors and added new doors to the new laundry closet in the hallway. It now officially looks like a hall and we can get a feel for the new layout. I feels very efficient and roomy and short which is a big change from our current house which has quite a long hallway.  

 The new header is also installed in the wall that we opened up between the kitchen and the dining room. Excited for all the light that is happening in here.  

 They are going to have to beef up the walls beneath the header so we don’t have a weird little jog on both sides of the wall. The exterior is also fully primed and no longer three different colors. ūüėÉ  

 Our next big decision is whether to add a bit to the budget and go for full inset cabinets for the kitchen. The quote is about $3,500 more than store bought so it is tempting. Just need to run numbers and see if the timeline works out. Fingers crossed. 


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