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It is that time of year again to enjoy the festivities and enjoy a nice turkey dinner!  I am going to take a break for the remainder of the week to prepare and relax for Thanksgiving! I hope you all are able to spend it with friends and loved ones. See you next week!


I wanted to give you all a heads up that Rue magazine’s second issue is now published and available online. I hope you all check it out soon!

{Image Via: Pantone Hotel Website}

Going to back to color theory I came across this video touring the Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. It is really interesting to watch them explain their color choices and why they used them in the various areas. If you aren’t familiar Pantone and you want to learn more about their company and their color matching system please click here.

So in the heart of my previous post regarding multifunctional furniture here is an amazing tiny apartment created by architect Gary Chang in Hong Kong. This is no average apartment as it can transform into 24 different functions in just 320 sq. ft. Please watch the whole video as you will be amazed!

This bunk bed folds flat and only takes up 12.25″ when put away!

This console table called the Goliath can extend from 17″ to 115″!!

I am a huge proponent of multifunctional furniture so I was very excited when a student sent me this video created by Resource Furniture featuring their space saving furniture. It is so fantastic to see pieces of furniture function in so many ways. I recommend watching the video and then going to their website here to view all of your furniture products!

I love to check out Design Sponge a daily blog that features all types of posts on design and creative people. They periodically feature a series of posts called Past and Present where they round up and briefly explain a historic piece of furniture and then feature modern day interpretations. This weeks post featured trestle tables and I think this is a great piece of furniture to highlight as it is enduring and can work in so many types of homes and interior schemes. Check out Design Sponges post here and then take  a few minutes to look at some of their previous Past and Present posts here.

{Image via Design Sponge}

Please stop and admire or drool over this art as it certainly makes me stop and stare and my heart race! No this is not a real jewel on the wall, this art is completely created from salvaged wood by Ron Van der Ende. Oh I would hang this on any wall in my home! Click here to visit his site and view more of his work.