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There is a new online shelter magazine on the scene. Be sure to check out House of Fifty for some design inspiration. They also keep a blog here and have an ipad app coming soon.

{Image via House of Fifty Blog}


I hope all of you guys have checked out the new online design magazine called Trad Home. I am very excited about the launch of this magazine first because it is free and second they are highlighting traditional interior elements in new and fresh ways. In their current issue they did a feature on the grand dame of interior designers, Dorothy Draper! Click here to go directly to the article. She is such an important figure in the relatively new history of interior designers and she really set the precedent for designers today. Enjoy everyone!

{Image via Dorothy Draper Website}

{The Greenbrier Hotel by Dorothy Draper}

I saw this photograph in Trad Home magazine, the new online design magazine that illustrates new traditional interiors. I would love to know if my students can pick out what elements about this photo are traditional design?

{via Trad Home}

Loving Delia shades for their updated versions of the window shades that reference class motifs! For all my history students you should recognize these right off the bat. 🙂 Take a few minutes to peruse their site and save them as a future resource!

Regency Drapery

Moorish Arch

Classical Fret

{All images via Delia Shades}

One of the biggest areas students struggle with when they are first starting out in the design program is finding resources for their projects.  I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to begin reading trade (design) magazines, blogs, websites and attending events where vendors are present. By exposing yourself to this material you are broadening your horizons and you can start to build a resource library. It is important for you to save websites, magazine clippings, etc in an organized manner so you can refer back to them when you would like to use them for a project. For example you could keep folders on your computer and organize them into residential and commercial products and then break them down further by furniture, lighting, etc. If you are just saving images make sure that you are also saving the source of where you got it so you can specify it later if need be! One website I like to encourage students to visit is which is the online version of the printed Interior Design magazine.

This website contains a plethora of information for students that are just starting out and I encourage you to explore it extensively. For example you can click on New Products and then click the category you want to explore such as wall paper and you now have a ton of wall paper resources that are all unique and current.  You can also view their daily blog, featured projects and they have a job board and CEU center!

I wanted to let you all know that Trad Home the newest online magazine is live and ready to read. Click here to view!


So there is exciting news on the design block! Lonny Mag founders Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline have announced they will be teaming up with Traditional home Magazine and creating a new online magazine called Trad Home. In the past as much as I enjoy the online magazines at times they can go a little eclectic so I am excited for everyone to have an opportunity to be exposed to more traditional designs. I think this is especially important as the market in our area is particularly traditional. The first issue is set to debut in May 2011 with a follow-up in September. I will most certainly remind everyone to check it out when it debuts!