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Students I wanted to post this internship opportunity from Natalie Cordova at St. Johns Interiors. Please read below for their requirements:

Job Experience Information:

Date: February 19, 2010

Name of Business: St. John’s Interiors Location: Avondale (4228 St. Johns Blvd., 32210)

Contact Person: Natalie Cordova Phone: 904-718-8713


Website: not yet

Reimbursement: No

Please describe briefly the focus and business experience this opportunity will provide:
This is a retail space offering high end, specialty fabrics and wallpapers as well as interior decorating services. This will be a hands on position where you will be:
●    Assisting clients with fabric and wallpaper selection.

●    Communicating directly with vendors for pricing/ ordering/ specs.

●    Developing strong customer service skills/ learning how to work with clients.

●    Learning more about your fabrics and wallcoverings.

●    Building business management skills.

Please note days of the week or schedule times:
This can be determined by the student’s schedule. Shop is open Monday through Friday form 10- 3

Other information or opportunities provided:
This internship will provide a great deal of practical experience for any student. We offer direct contact with clients, a vast collection of fabrics and wallcoverings as well as custom furniture, floor coverings, drapery fabrication, and more! Easy, fun environment with opportunity for employment for the right person.

Thank you!


{Image via Healthcare Design Magazine}

I wanted to make you all aware of student design competition that is available to any of you that want to enter. The information below is taken directly from the site explaining the competition:

“Vendome Group, publishers of HEALTHCARE DESIGN magazine, The Center for Health Design, and Nurture by Steelcase announce a unique opportunity for students to participate in a conceptual healthcare design competition. Challenged with a theme of “waiting,” students will research the current challenges within the selected healthcare environment, determine opportunities for improvement, share their thought process, and prepare presentations demonstrating unique ways to improve the environment and/or processes within. Students may participate individually or within a team.

There is no fee to enter.

Finalists will be announced in September 2011, with a special awards ceremony taking place at the annual HCD.11 conference in Nashville next November. Winners will receive complimentary conference registrations, along with a stipend to defray air and hotel accommodations.”

You must register by February 28, 2011 to participate in this competition!

This link will take you directly to the brochure explaining the contest in more detail:

This link will take you to the site to complete the online registration:

With the downshift of the economy the last few years we have seen a big change in the sizes of homes people are building and purchasing. Until recently, bigger was always better but many people are realizing this is not always the case and returning to a simpler lifestyle. With the return of smaller homes is the need for the house to serve many functions, thus the bungalow style home is reborn. Bungalow style homes first became popular in the early 1900’s and off and on again throughout this past century. While there are many styles of bungalows, typically the rooms are spacious and eliminate wasted space with multifunctional furniture that is sometimes built in or limiting hallways as much as possible. Also, because the homes are smaller they typically have more details such as transom windows, large porches, built in bookcases, wainscoting, etc.  There is a plethora of books available to learn about bungalow homes and the history behind them however, I wanted to share a blog called home patterns. This company is bringing back and building bungalow style homes to meet the needs of today’s market. Through their blog you can link to their website and view the floor plan styles they offer as well as a gallery of homes and neighborhoods. I hope you all check out this site and continue to research bungalows further. They will certainly help anyone improve their space planning skills!

{Image via Home Patterns Site}

We have some upcoming local events coming up that I wanted to remind everyone about. March 9th IIDA is hosting the tour of the Crowley offices. See the attached flyer for more details but please RSVP by March 7th. Also Canstruction is coming up and they are looking for teams to participate. Teams compete to build structures using only cans and the food money is donated to local food banks. For more information and how to register please see the attached information sheet below.  Click on each image below to enlarge it properly.

This is more of a cautionary post reminding students to be very careful about what information they post on various social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, etc. It is very important that as you prepare to graduate and seek jobs that you come across as professional in all areas of your life. Meaning do not post a profile picture that shows you dancing on tables with alcohol and a cigarette in your hand. Some employers can look past these pictures but many cannot and will worry about your reliability. Basically clean up any old pictures that could be viewed as unprofessional and change your settings to private so that only your friends can view personal information about you and no one just scanning the site. For a more complete list of what not to do check out these links: and

I have completed the spring 2011 Interior Design Newsletter. I hope you all enjoy! Click on each image to enlarge it so it easier to read.

Times they are a changing, no longer do we have to use standard cookie cutter resume formats when trying to attract attention from potential employers. Now that being said it is always important to make sure your resume comes across as professional and shows you and your skills to the best of your potential. Recently IIDA on their own blog featured a list of top creative resumes. I encourage all of you to check it out as well as the rest of their posts on I love I.D. blog as it can be a vital resource as a design student. To see an even more comprehensive list of creative resumes click here.

{Image via IIDA Blog}