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Posted on: October 21, 2010

As we all know trends come and go and come and go again. Here are two sites that catalog past designs from the 70’s from top design magazines along with interesting commentary. I admit some of them will make your eyes go wide with the now retro qualities but I think some of stood the test of time. Check them out for yourselves.

Interior Desecration’s by James Lileks

Ugly Rooms for Beautiful People by James Lileks


3 Responses to "Retro Fun"

The pictures of interiors from the 1970’s Better Homes and Gardens magazine and the “Ugly Rooms for the Beautiful People” comments by James Lileks made me laugh till I cried. For those of you who venture to read his comments and do not know some of the references he makes, Merdework, which I thought may have been the name of a famous artist from the 70’s, is actually a made-up name from the French word
“merde”. Look it up and figure out what he means!

I agree I can’t wait to go back and look at more pictures. It is so fabulous and gaudy at the same time!

Hahaha! I looked up Merde!

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