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Old Home Voyeurism

Posted on: October 16, 2010

I will admit that I have a problem, I love visiting homes for sale just to see the inside of them. Real estate agents hate these types of people but for design buffs it lets us satisfy our curiosity. Well I came across a new blog this weekend that lets me partake in one my favorite activities while sitting at my computer, Old House Dreams. A blog completely dedicated to old homes for sale across the country! It is amazing to look at all of the interiors of the homes and how vastly different they are and how good or bad of shape they are in! People certainly make some interesting design decisions in their homes. I dare you to check it out and see how long it takes before you are completely sucked in and end up spending hours going through all of the listings. Have fun!



4 Responses to "Old Home Voyeurism"

That is so funny! I love that you can admit your “problem.” I never imagined real estate agents having to deal with people like you, lol. I can imagine plenty of interior designers do that often. I gotta admit though, it sounds like a fun pastime!

Totally intrigued!!

This is really awesome to me and I share your interest in old homes (although I have not done any real estate creeping myself, ha!) I love the older designs because I feel they have so much more character and uniqueness to them. All new construction is very monotonous and bland. You have inspired me though to go check out some homes now, thanks for the idea!

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