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Demolition Begins

Posted on: April 7, 2015

The past few months have been a whirlwind to be honest. To make a long story short I finally found a wonderful fixer upper in the neighborhood we have been searching in for a year. We put an offer on the house in December before it was ever listed on the market and it was accepted after negotiations. It took quite a while to get to closing as we had to do typical inspections but also get estimates on all of the up front renovation costs that had to be done before we moved in. Needless to say we just now closed on March 27th! 

The buying process might have taken a while but our contractor is wasting no time! His crew started the roof on Friday and finished it by Saturday. Today we walked into the house and they had already started demolition of the interior in the areas we are updating/changing and he plans to start framing by the middle of this week. It was quite shocking as we have passed the stage of turning back. šŸ˜ƒ 

Later this week I will post lots of pictures of the house before we bought and the updates and changes we are making to the floor plan. For now I leave you with pictures of my tore up house! I have butterflies in my stomach looking at them. 

The exterior with the new black roof. Now the million dollar question to paint the brick or not? It is red/gray in color and we are leaning towards painting it as we are installing beautiful black Hurd casement windows later this summer. 

 This was a retro pink kitchen. I hated to remove it because I am nostalgic but we are making major changes to improve the layout. However we are saving some of the cabinets that were salvageable and my sister is using them in her upcoming renovation. Did I mention they are moving down the street if all goes through? I am one excited lady!    

The black expoxy on the walls is where the pink and gray laminate backsplash was mounted.  

This wall will soon have a smaller window to allow for a run of cabinets and the kitchen sink centered on the window. Can’t wait to repurpose some of the light fixtures. They are retro and fun.  

 A peek at my soon to be gorgeous living room ceiling. The opening on the left is the original hall entrance and it will be sealed up to allow for a TV wall. The opening on the right is brand new and did not exist this morning. It was used to be some built-in shelves and on the other side of it was a hall closet we removed to make the new entrance into the hallway. 

The hallway and master bedroom closets and bathroom are where most of the changes are taking place. We removed a small closet and a larger closet in the hall to reconfigure some of the bedroom closets and build a laundry closet so it doesn’t have to be in the garage. 

Currently there are two ways to enter the master bedroom. From the hallway and from the sunroom. The doorway on the right was the original entrance but we are sealing it up and shifting it down. You can see the new opening on the left. We are also sealing up the hallway entrance. By doing this it allows us to take two seperate closets and merge them into a walk-in closet and create a better furniture arrangement. It also allows us to enlarge the master bathroom a bit.    

The door way is the master bedroom entrance from the hall. It is going to be sealed up.   

We originally intended to keep the master bathroom as is for a few years but inspections found the sub-floor was rotten and a joist needed to be fixed. That meant bye bye aqua and black bathroom. It does hurt a little to see it gone as I liked it.   Enough for tonight! Hope you are excited to see the floor plans and before photos! 

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