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A Schematic Life – Michelle Morelan

Posted on: January 25, 2012

You know when you have that feeling that you have been meaning to do something and you just can’t remember what it is. Well that is how I feel about this post, I found the blog “A Schematic Life” by Michelle Morelan quite a while ago and for some reason I forgot to pass it along. Michelle is an interior designer and renderer by trade. Her renderings are very natural in style but still polished and detailed. On her blog she makes available three video tutorials where she discusses rendering techniques. I find her style refreshing because she uses SketchUp to her advantage by tracing a shell she has built and then she layers all the details on top by hand. What a time saver! I am all for combining techniques, anything to be more efficient is a good thing. I encourage you to check out her blog and the video tutorials here.

{All images via Michelle Morelan Website}


2 Responses to "A Schematic Life – Michelle Morelan"

thanks so much! my google alert sent me over here, and I am glad, since you have said so many nice things 😉

take care,

You are very welcome, we appreciate your information and video tutorials. We have a 2-year interior design program and the students always balk at rendering. We appreciate the videos as it really shows how the students can utilize various techniques and achieve a beautiful end product. We are all for more videos if you are up for it! 🙂

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