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Posted on: August 4, 2011

I know it can be very difficult for students to draw furniture in plan and elevation views when they are first learning to draft and use AutoCAD. For this reason I love when furniture companies include line drawings with dimensions in their catalogs and online website. It is an excellent resource for students to learn and interpret how furniture looks in a picture to a floor plan or elevation drawing. One such company that includes drawings in their catalogs and online is Design Within Reach (DWR). You can click here to subscribe to their catalog to start receiving it at home, it is free. 🙂 It is important to note that not every image includes a line drawing but there is a great many of them, including light fixtures and tables. It might just take a little time of looking and exploring their products. I also highly encourage you follow their blog or newsletter which you can view here, it is chock full of furniture design news and history.

I encourage all of you to actually pick a few furniture, lighting or case pieces and actually practice drawing them in plan and elevation view. The great part is if you are working in AutoCAD you can save them as a Wblock and add to your furniture library to reference in future projects. Also, for those websites that do not include line drawings the best tip I have is to look at all the furniture images. Look to see if it has a straight or dead on side view. This way you can look at the dimension specifications and still draw what you are seeing. You can also import the JPEG image into AutoCAD scale it and then trace the image. Though that can be time consuming and you might actually spend less time drawing it from scratch.Check out all the furniture images and their drawings below:

This one would be great for you to reprodce as it is a very simple chair and sectional design that could be verstile when illustrating furniture plans.

{The Simpatico Collection via DWR}

 {Nube Armchair via DWR}

{The Bantam Armchair via DWR}

{The Era Round Arm Chair would be a great one to practice for the curved lines. Image via DWR}


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