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Posted on: July 7, 2011

It is a fact of life that fans for the most part fans are a necessity in homes here in Florida. I have often struggled with the desire of banishing fans and replacing them with a great ceiling fixture. However, I know full well fans are much more practical and make a space a hundred times more comfortable. Finally it seems that manufacturers are catching on and have released fans that have style! Fanimation has one called the Fitzgerald which is a a play off of the jazzy twenties. I personally like the practicality as it can be used as a table top fan or wall mounted like a sconce and compliment the decor as well.

{The Fitgerald via Fanimation}

Lowes has even gotten in on the action and now offers a fan with blades that dissappear when not turned on. I personally think this is a great option for a kitchen or a space where a fan is not particularly wanted but needed.

{Lowes 48″ Hunter Fanaway via Lowes}

Here is another interesting fan option from Lowes that combines the stylish look of a pendant light and fixture.


Certainly this post only illustrates a very small portion of the unique fans available on the market today. Do you have any great sources for fans? Or do you have any great aversions to ceiling fans and plan to take them down any chance you get? Lastly if you want to see some truly large fans then I suggest you check out the Big Ass Fan Company. Yes that really is there name and they sell extra large fans for commercial, industrial and even residential design.

Isis fan via Big Ass Fans}


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