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Personal Post – Dresser Redo

Posted on: June 18, 2011

Mainly because I am very excited at how this piece turned out I thought I would share a personal post with everyone. Many of y’all know I am pregnant and expecting my first child in August and of course I have been in all out baby room planning mode. As I have been searching for baby furniture the last couple of months I have been very underwhelmed with the options out there for kids rooms. Apparently furniture manufacturers really like selling generic poor quality furniture or it was the opposite end and the furniture was ridiculously expensive! I really wanted to be practical and choose key pieces of furniture that can grow with her and not feel too juvenile in a few short years. Lo and behold my sister came to my rescue with a fantastic mid-century dresser that she found on the side of the road in a trash pile. Oh this poor dresser had been abused and had gotten wet sitting out in the rain. However the bones were good and we decided to take a chance. I sent it to the re-finisher and lets just say he worked miracles and it is a sight to see! Every designer I know gets uber (aka super) excited when they have a great piece of furniture and let me just say I am so excited to have one for my soon to be little girl!

It is time for pictures! Below are before and after pictures of the dresser. I am also recovering a vintage 1940’s glide/rocker for her room and I will post pictures when it is done!

Before Refinishing:

Sorry for how blown out it is, I took it with my phone right before it was picked up.

Lovely orange paint and water marks galore.

Yes that is paper stuck to the top of the dresser along with more water marks and damage.

After Refinishing:

Look how pretty it cleaned up!

In her room. Please ignore the bad lighting and the fact that the color is way off.

One last picture just to show how nicely the top cleaned up! It is the original and was not re-veneered.

I hope you enjoyed checking out one of my personal projects!


2 Responses to "Personal Post – Dresser Redo"

Love it! This will grow with her for many years!

Thank you Helen! I am excited about it too! I actually was able to find out more about the piece and learned that it was made by Broyhill starting in 1962. Here is a great write up about the collection.

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