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Bungalows are Modern…

Posted on: February 22, 2011

With the downshift of the economy the last few years we have seen a big change in the sizes of homes people are building and purchasing. Until recently, bigger was always better but many people are realizing this is not always the case and returning to a simpler lifestyle. With the return of smaller homes is the need for the house to serve many functions, thus the bungalow style home is reborn. Bungalow style homes first became popular in the early 1900’s and off and on again throughout this past century. While there are many styles of bungalows, typically the rooms are spacious and eliminate wasted space with multifunctional furniture that is sometimes built in or limiting hallways as much as possible. Also, because the homes are smaller they typically have more details such as transom windows, large porches, built in bookcases, wainscoting, etc.  There is a plethora of books available to learn about bungalow homes and the history behind them however, I wanted to share a blog called home patterns. This company is bringing back and building bungalow style homes to meet the needs of today’s market. Through their blog you can link to their website and view the floor plan styles they offer as well as a gallery of homes and neighborhoods. I hope you all check out this site and continue to research bungalows further. They will certainly help anyone improve their space planning skills!

{Image via Home Patterns Site}


1 Response to "Bungalows are Modern…"

We recently bought a 1928 bungalow as a vacation home and are almost finished with the remodeling process. As a family of 5 coming from a 3400 square foot home to a 1300 square foot bungalow, I was pleasantly surprised at how effectively we could fit us and all our stuff into it! It is true that the hall space is minimal to none; everything fits in “just so” but it really works. Some of the great amenities we love are the original heart pine floors, 2 corner fireplaces, and 2 clawfoot tubs! Also a nice front porch. The bungalow is a charming and practical style, and I am glad to see it making a comeback.

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