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Frank Lloyd Wright

Posted on: November 1, 2010

Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Best House is for sale in Illinois and I think all of you should check out the photo tour via Hooked on Houses blog. His work is still current today and it is amazing that the previous owners of this home have done an amazing job restoring it for the future. If you do not know who Frank Lloyd Wright is then I would suggest researching him as there are numerous publications about his life. It is quite amazing!


{Via Hooked on Houses}


3 Responses to "Frank Lloyd Wright"

There is a Frank Lloyd Wright Museum in Second Life (the virtual world). Many of the homes are recreated there and you are able to walk through them. Maybe this could be an extra credit endeavor?

Rawslyn that is a great idea! Thanks for checking out the blog. I hope your semester is going well. 🙂

Yes, I’m having a great semester at DTN campus. 🙂 Let me know anytime if you would like me to lead your students through the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit in SL. Room C224 at Kent Campus has SL loaded on all of the Mac computers.

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