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Posted on: September 25, 2010

This weekend I am visiting my favorite big box design mecca, Ikea. As a a poor design student in college I adored Ikea from afar since alas we had no stores near Jacksonville or Tallahassee. Every time I went on a trip and I was anywhere near an Ikea I made a pit stop. You can always find something affordable and fun in this wonderfully massive store! If you have never visited Ikea nor been to their website I highly recommend it!  P.S. We have one in Orlando now and it is totally worth the drive to visit. 🙂


6 Responses to "Affordable Design Mecca"

I have heard such great things about IKEA, when I get my own apartment I want to go on a shopping spree there.

Rachel it is a great experience! Plus you can eat breakfast and lunch or dinner if you are still there in their on site cafeteria. Plus, when you get to the bottom you can get a drink and purchase foods like their Swedish meat balls as you go out the door.

I LOVE Ikea! Many of my friends were telling me about it, so I went one afternoon while I was in Orlando. I found it as a very fun, creative store. I love how everything is set up in it’s only little room or house. I keep suggesting to my parents that they need to remodel their kitchen with IKEA since it is very affordable. I am excited because I will be going up to Atlanta to see family in a couple of weeks, so I plan on going to IKEA. 🙂

IKEA!!! I can’t believe this store actually struggled to keep its doors open for nearly 30 years! A lot of thought is put into the functionality of their products and everything is sooooooo inexpensive! Last trip we found 5 foot paper lamps, a dual purpose easel, and a set of curved mirrors all for $15 each. You can’t find everyday deals like those anywhere else! We go to Disney every other weekend and I think I look forward to our Ikea stop on the way back more than Disney lol I’m so glad they finally built one closer to Jacksonville. Hopefully they bring one to us soon 🙂

You have got me very excited to go to this store! I have never been, of course I still live with my parents … but one day, I will be visiting this store in Orlando just because I saw it on your blog. My favorite store in Jacksonville has to be Homegoods. I love that every time you go in, everything is different. Plus, it’s all discounted! My kind of shopping!

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