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Social Media a Fad?

Posted on: September 23, 2010

This continues to be a hot topic discussion with many people on both sides of the fence. No one can deny that social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and work. Here is a video I have linked before but it has been updated with current statistics and I think it is worth a look.


4 Responses to "Social Media a Fad?"

I believe that social media is here to stay, like everything else that has came before it, it starts out as being called a fad or just something for that generation time. But social media has shown time and time again that its here to stay you can find companies, people, and buy things from social media. Which is a great way to advertise if your a company and helps get your name out their if your an artist of some type. Social media is not just a new fad its the way of our new world.

I am not a blogger myself but I know the importance of social media. At the moment social networking is one of the main ways to get a job, get oneself known, and to advertise ones business. Social media is very important today.

I really enjoyed this video on Social Networks. They have gained momentum in such a short amount of time, surpassing all other forms of media. This is not a fad, it is a away of life!

It is interesting to see the update on this thing called FaceBook! I make an effort to use this media as a tool. I show my art and stay connected with family and friends. I am able to communicate with two family members actively serving in Iraq right now. Love this so much.

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